About Us

Our Story - PhotoSlate

Here at Photo Slate, we focus on creating memories in a very unique way; by printing customer photos on natural tile slates. Each slate comes with their own stand which allows for display.

Our mission is to provide a quick and easy method for an impressive outcome, one with quality and sentiment. It is as simple as uploading a photo that is personal to you and pressing order.

We are a UK based operation that combines amazing service, contemporary style and high quality to help your memories stand out in your home! 

What makes the story at PhotoSlate so unique and special?

The idea of PhotoSlate was thought through with one key intention in mind; To allow any individual express themselves with any photo which you desire. Whether that be a photo from your wedding, an image with all of your children, or even an image of your dog.

Express yourself with your favourite image, and display your personalised photo slate anywhere you like! 

PhotoSlate - Formulating gleaming slate signs which will make you think of something special!

If you have any questions in regards to product, procedure, or anything else - Please don't be hesitant to reach out to our support team!