Why do we make personalised photo slates?

Why do we make personalised photo slates?

So if you haven't been on our website before we specialise in making personalised photo slates.  We absolutely love how amazing our slates look and we love the reaction of our happy customers when they received them.  Our personalised photo slates are printed on high quality granite slate with premium ink’s meaning they last longer and give an amazing finish. 

We are a family run business and I'm lucky enough to work with each other every day,  we take personal pride in every slate that leaves a little shop and we absolutely love receiving your feedback. It makes our job all worthwhile.

Personalised Photo Slates

Amazing Gifts

They are amazing gifts!! Now we all know someone incredibly tricky to buy for,  and this is where our photo slates come into our own.  Everyone today has thousands of photos on their phone that they didn't even remember taking. Imagine taking just one of them discarded photos and turning it into a 100% unique thoughtful gift. Be it a birthday, anniversary, new arrival, a personalised photo slate can be used in pretty much any occasion. We never tire on seeing the many reasons why people will gift a personalised photo slate so if you have any ideas all requests that we haven't done before please do get in touch.

personalised photo slate

Great memorials

 One thing we have noticed with previous orders is that a high percentage of them are actually beautiful memorials to be placed outside. Our personalised photo slates I just perfect for this and really give an amazing memory to any memorial. These look particularly special if they are placed near loved ones graveside or Ashes. It really does look beautiful.  Also we were lucky enough to be able to prepare a great memorial for a wonderful doggy. 

Personalised Photo Slate

Be creative 

Although we're lucky enough to have a talented family who specialise in graphic design we love seeing the designs sent to us to print.  So be created as you can be imagined thinking of an idea getting it printed and receiving it!  on our personalised photo prints we've seen things like artwork, children's scribbles, baby scans,  special locations on maps you name it we probably printed it. So think up something really special to give you or your family.

Thanks for reading my short blog on why we make this beautiful personalised photo slate. I hope it's helped and we can't wait for your next order!