Photo Slates: A Great Gift for Christmas

Photo Slates: A Great Gift for Christmas

It's Christmas time, and you're looking for the perfect gift for your loved ones. What to do? What to buy? What would make them happy? Well, if it is a personalised photo slate that you are after then look no further! The idea of photo slates has grown massively over the years - they are now an amazing way to capture memories with your friends or family members. They make great gifts because they can be personalised by adding photos of the people who will be receiving it!

This is great to commemorate special memories, such as weddings and birthdays. What makes them even better as a gift is that you can personalise it by adding photos of the recipient or people involved in an event. It's always nice to look back at old photographs and reminisce about good times! There must be so many lost photos on your phone which you will never get round to printing out. What photo slates do is make it easier for you as the gift-giver - they allow your friend or family member to look back on memories and feel happy about them, without having to go through all of their old photos!

Is a photo slate a good gift for yourself

A photo slate can also be a great gift for yourself if you like to take a lot of photos and you want them printed out. What's great about our photo slate is that they are easy to store, which means the recipient can keep it anywhere - on their desk or sideboard at home! They don't need to be limited by how much space there may be in their house, but instead just put it up on display whenever they feel like it. What's more, is that our photo slate is often cheaper than printing photos out, but the impact of them will be much higher because nobody wants to look back at their old phone pictures!

Whether for yourself or somebody else, Our photo slate makes a great gift - especially this Christmas! They're personalised and capture memories easily - what's not to like? What a photo slate does is bring back happy memories and it allows people to look at their photos whenever they wish. So whether you're looking for a birthday present or just want something personal, be sure to get yourself a photo slate!

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How big can a photo slate be?

Photo slate .co print the slate photo in two main sizes, our medium-size photo gift is 15cm x 15cm and our large 20cm x 20cm slate photo is our large size. Once you choose your personalised photo for your photo gift you can simply upload your images and we do the rest of the work. What makes these photo gifts even better is that you can include different photos on the same slate. What's more is that you get to choose if they are landscape or portrait images, which means it really will be unique!

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How much does a photo slate cost?

What photo gifts aren't expensive? What makes them even better is that they can be bought as a gift for friends and family members, so you don't have to worry about the cost! What we do know is that we can help create customised personalised photo slate which will last years. What's more is that each slate photo has an easy-to-clean surface and comes in a sturdy box! What we love about a photo slate is that they make great gifts for christmas because the recipient can look back on memories whenever they wish.

What's more, is that our customized photo slates are created by us from scratch, so if it's a photo slate you are looking for then look no further! What's great about this product is that it can be personalised with any images of your choice, which makes them ideal to give as gifts. What we do know is that all our products make the perfect gift idea because they come in an easy-to-wrap box or bag and are ready to give! What photo slates do is allow you to look back on memories with ease and they are great for personalizing.

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How long does the slate take to get shipped?

Once we have your personalised photo from the customer we print and send from the united kingdom so delivery will just be in 3 to 5 business days. So if this was for a gift for a wedding, birthday or christmas your be safe in the knowledge that it will be there in plenty of time. We make sure every delivery to our customers is fast and efficent, our quality is top notch!

Where can i display this slate?

There is always a way to display your personalised slate all over your house, but if you want to put your photo gift somewhere it can be seen then why not display them on a table or shelf in the living room? What's great about this product is that they are perfect for any occasion. What we do know is that there are so many reasons people choose photo slates as gifts, whether it's because of their affordable price, their display ability or simply because they will look back on them in years to come. What we do know is that photo slates make great gifts and can be personalised with any images you wish - so get yours today!

Why is this slate better than a canvas print?

These are better for a customer than a canvas print because they are made out of much more durable material meaning they will last a lot longer. If you have a personalised photo then you want the quality to be good right? Our reviews speak volumes and were always a firm favourite company for our customers. So if you are looking for personalised design items then these slates and stands are exactly what you are looking for. Our great service with your image on a slate means you will be one happy customer.