A great gift for grandparents, parents, and kids - Photo gifts

A great gift for grandparents, parents, and kids - Photo gifts

Nothing is more exciting than getting an awesome photo of your kids, or even better, your grandkids! Creating photo gifts for grandparents has become very popular. As photo gifts are becoming increasingly affordable and easy to make, people are creating photo keepsakes, photo frames, and photo collages in large numbers. A photo slate makes a great present because it's something that will be treasured for many years to come. When thinking of a photo slate they are very universal as there are more than one way to display such an item. It comes with one of our stands although that is just one idea that our customers have. Personalised photo printing is perfect, so become a customer today

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Transforming a an old personalised photo to a photo gift

If you have an old photo stored away in a drawer somewhere, it's time to bring it out and turn it into photo gifts for grandparents. All you have to do is upload your photo and we do all the rest of the work. Your slate photo will be printed in high quality using our thin, top-of-the-range machinery. This allows the photo to be a really high-quality finish, which will make your family or whoever you send this too very happy. Just look at our photo slate company reviews to see why we have so much custom. Our photo slates are sent from united kingdom and each one is personalised on-site in their own special way, this is why our photo slates are so special.

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Getting your personalised photo from phone to website to photo slate

We have made it even easier for our customers to order a photo slate, simply log on to our website, click upload and a photo slate will be on the way to you in no time at all. The Slate photo will not take a long delivery as your customer will always come first! You should expect your photo slate within 3 to 5 business days.

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Why are photo slates better than a canvas?

So you have probably seen or heard or even added a canvas print to your basket in the past? Well, this is why this photo slate in particular is better than a canvas print. The material that we use for your photo slate is far superior for printing on, your image or personalised photo will look more natural on this perfect gift. The image you use can be almost anything you decide, meaning whatever personalised photo you choose you will be sure that the service and quality will be perfect.

Get them something they will remember - a slate photo

If its an old wedding picture or their favourite picture of a special day this will make the perfect gift and at only £19.99 GBP you will sure not to break the bank. Remember they are 15cm x 15cm in size and come ready to gift to that favourite person. So have a look through your photos and become one of our special customers. Our team will be on hand to make this one amazing experience and turn that personalised photo into a remembered gift. Printed with love and 5-star service, we take visa, MasterCard so there's no reason not to order one of our items.