5 reasons why grandparents love photo slate

5 reasons why grandparents love photo slate

Grandparents are amazing. They buy you presents, take you on trips and love you unconditionally. What's not to love about them? One thing they don't always get a chance to do is see pictures of your day-to-day life as it happens - which can be really frustrating for them when they want to know what was happening last weekend or how school went this week. We created Photo Slate so grandparents could easily keep up with their grandchildren without interfering in their lives too much - but also feel like a part of the family! Now, when grandma calls asking how her grandkids did at football practice, there's no need for mum or dad to try and remember all the details because she can just look back through photos that were taken.


In case you're still not convinced, here are 5 great reasons why grandparents love Photo Slate :

1. Curiosity kills the cat... And it also drives grandparents crazy if they don't know what their grandchildren are up to! Even though most children's lives revolve around school and friends, sometimes it can be hard for grandparents to understand what their grandkids are doing.

2. The little things matter

It's the small and seemingly insignificant moments that we remember most about our childhood - like our first day at school or starting a new club. These memories mean a lot to us and it can be heart-breaking for grandparents not to get to share them with their grandchildren because they are too busy with other things in their lives. The importance of family When grandparents (and parents!) look at photos they're reminded of just how important it is to have a strong family unit - and everyone loves being reminded how lucky we are to live such incredible lives!

3. Increased involvement It can be hard having a busy family life and trying to balance it with your social life too. Sometimes grandparents worry they are being left behind when their grandchildren spend more time with their friends than them. Photo Slate is the perfect way for grandparents to feel involved in their grandkid's lives without interfering with school runs, homework or social gatherings.

4. Quality time

Seeing the world through your grandchild's eyes is incredibly special, and Photo Slate lets grandparents do just that. Even though they might not be able to spend as much one-on-one time with their grandchildren as they'd like, it's nice for Grandma and Grandad to get glimpses of them every day.

5. Instant memories

It's not unusual for parents to be so busy when their kids are young that they don't have the time (or opportunity!) to take as many photos as they would like. With Photo Slate , grandparents can create a photo slideshow every couple of days or weeks, meaning there will always be a backlog of beautiful photos and videos waiting

There is nothing better than receiving a gift that reminds you of someone special. Grandparents are no exception to this rule and they love photo slates for one main reason—they provide the perfect opportunity to show off photos of their grandchildren in an attractive way. Photo slates also serve as a great conversation starter, since it usually sparks conversations about family history or memories from when the child was younger. If your grandparents could use some cheering up, order them a photo slate today! They will be sure to thank you later with lots of hugs and kisses (or maybe even another present). Which holiday gifts have made you feel especially loved?